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No need to wait any longer...

...Contribute  your own portrait to the documentary

FREEDOMENTARIES is collaborating with communities and organisations all over the world who are working systemically with families and organisations.  No expectations, obligations, directions, agendas. We sit together and you'll be witnessed. A profound experience in the simplicity of presence and belonging without any requirements. Allowing People to voice their personal transformation process. Relevant in a time where we are all invited to develop adaptability to change.

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For each shoot, our team makes contact with dozens of people per country in order to find people willing to tell their story, share their life experience, combat suffering, hopes and dreams. The stories of thousands of people who in their own different ways stand up for themselves and overcome stereotypes, turn their lives around, those of their families or their towns.  FREEDOMENTARIES is a tribute to their work and a unique opportunity to give visibility to their actions by raising the awareness of the general public on the major issues closely linked to people’s rights to be free. 


Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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