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We all are part of many systems. They give u roles and responsibilities. Each of those roles carry with them a set of expectations and requirements.  Each of the roles demands something of that particular system that we are a part of.  Sometimes at the expense of another system.  Sometimes at the expense of our own system . Then yearning in our hearts becomes almost unbearable. There is nothing more painful than an inauthentic life. 

An open door

People who dared to touch themselves deeper, there where it hurts.

FREEDOMENTARIES  was born of a desire to see the world through the eyes of people that have gone through a major change. Then the questions started to flow. What was the process of transformation marking a person’s passage from a place of discomfort to breaking free? What was the reality that made them take the jump into the deep end? What were the dreams and hopes as well as their greatest fears and scars during the transformation process? What do they expect of life and society, now they are free from the system that held them hostage? What is the relationship they have with the system they left behind? How do they cope with their newfound freedom? What can we learn from the process in between, the phase before the caterpillar becomes a butterfly? And why, in certain cultures, do we find it so frightening and do we feel shame to talk about our desire to be free? Last but not least, is there even such a thing as truly being free?


A good moment

Who are they? People willing to strip themselves from everything in order to follow their purpose.

We have learned to adapt ourselves. We are made to fit systems we think we need or want to belong and conform to. Can we break free from a pattern or system? Or do we enter ourselves into another prison? What are we prepared to sacrifice, or leave behind in order to break free? What happened to the ones who did and to the people around them? Do those who do break free serve some higher purpose? If so, what adaptation was required to surrender to that higher purpose? Why don’t we all break free?

The mission


A message of love and hope to all people of the world, an attempt to understand what it takes to break free. 

Freedomentaries will first and foremost reflect the reality of the systems we belong to and that make up today’s world. This reflection is often a dark one, given the injustices, troubles and traumas that made people want to break free. We now live in an interconnected world where social media led to a new way in which we can hold people accountable.


People can have multiple lives in one life. People can break free more than once. Unfortunately, there are still millions of people that are being intimidated from break free. Kept away from reaching a fulfilled life. This still affects millions of people throughout their entire lifetime. Locked up in a system that is holding them hostage. Forced to stay in a pattern or a system that no longer suits them. Millions of people endure their lives rather than choosing to live it.

More and more voices are making themselves heard. As we seek to reinvent a future for our species. It may well be through telling the stories of those who dared to be different that can bring about the radical changes that are necessary. In any event, I wonder, why not try? More people around the world are taking action, and more and more of them are daring to do what they want to do. Take courage and go against the norm. Surrender courageously to an unknown future rather than staying imprisoned whilst watching the world pass by.

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